L’entrepreneuriat interculturel

Growing interest in contextualizing entrepreneurship studies is expressed in the academic field. It has also been discussed that culture is an important element when it comes to understanding entrepreneurial activity. Cultural context is thus a key component for the advancement of entrepreneurship as a field. However, cross-cultural entrepreneurship is still emerging and there is a lack of paradigmatically diversified research. This study demonstrates this by suggesting a systematic literature review to better understand the current state of research in the field. By doing so, this study is an endeavor that lays a focus on the diversity of research paradigms which exist both in entrepreneurship and cross-cultural studies. In fact, two main paradigms can be identified in each field. This leads to a diversity of studies and contributions to this interdisciplinary field of research. This systematic literature review presents an interparadigmatic table in which 150 empirical studies specific to the field are categorized into four quadrants, each based on the connection of two key interdisciplinary paradigms. Findings show the presence of a large number (83%) of studies in one specific quadrant: the positivist/substantial paradigm, which also represents a tendency in other academic fields, such as marketing, HRM, and strategy. Furthermore, potential avenues for future research in the field of cross-cultural entrepreneurship studies are identified in the interpretive/processual quadrant. We argue that this paradigm has the greatest unexplored potential for future research perspectives in the field, due to the fact that its epistemologies and ontologies offer rich qualitative research designs, notably through thick description, grounded theory approaches, and comparative-case studies. 


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