How feminists and as-practice perspectives can be combined for a more inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem

While literature on diversity generally addresses the inclusion of minority groups in an organization, the context in venture creation can slightly differ. Nascent companies often only mobilize their funder(s) and stakeholders. Including diversity in entrepreneurship is meant to represent the acceptance of diverse profiles of entrepreneurs by the entrepreneurial ecosystem (banks, competitors, collaborators, mentor…) instead of the intraorganizational inclusion of diversity. Observing diversity within the context of entrepreneurship is a way to perceive diversity as the ecosystem’s responsibility not only as a managerial one. In this context, how is it possible to change the entrepreneurial arena into a  more inclusive one? While feminists and as-practice researchers have begun to answer that question, I will expose the pitfalls of those perspectives in the actual literature on entrepreneurship and will argue that combining them could be fruitful to bridge the ontological, methodological and conceptual gaps identified.


28 Juin 2021


0h00 - 14h00
Maryse Tremblay


Maryse Tremblay
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